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    Recently, more and more often we hear about the attempts or plans for implementation in the life of this technology, but not all are so optimistic about it.

    Though facial recognition technology can be very useful, it is still met with huge opposition from society … and in total it is not surprising for a number of reasons. First, no one wants to live with the knowledge that is tracked and monitored at every step, and secondly, researchers and Industry experts repeatedly have proved that in its current form very often wrong, so you can not follow it to the end of the count, which strongly undermines the meaning of its widespread use.

    However, this does not discourage some national leaders, and it is sufficient to recall the French authorities that after the last attack on police knife fighter decided to introduce in his country almost Chinese standards. A question about the system called ALICE, which is based on the technology of identifying people based on facial recognition, citizens benefiting from the data stored in biometric documents. The government expects that the system will significantly reduce the local crime rate, which in recent years is growing rapidly, threatening not only French citizens, but all visitors to the country.

    5G is already so China officially started work on technology 6G

    On the other hand, we also have a completely different approach, for example, and just found out that in the US state of California banned the use of facial recognition system in combination with the data collected by the police camera. The law is indeed temporary, because it will come into force next year and will be valid for 3 years, but local authorities to provide, then you will be able to assess whether the technology went forward enough, or whether it requires further blocking, not to harm the citizens.

    Earlier this year, a similar step decided to San Francisco, completely blocking the government and law enforcement agencies the ability to use face recognition technology. The situation is similar in other areas of the US, such as Oakland, Somerville and Boston suburbs, but the California regulations are so far the largest and most restrictive, allowing exceptions only in very specific cases. As we read in the official records, law enforcement agencies and their officers are not allowed to install, activate and use of any surveillance system in combination with the data collected by police cameras.

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    According to a member of the San Francisco State Assembly, Phil Ting, who called for a permanent ban: – We wanted to show how this software is not yet ready for widespread use. And although as legislators, we can laugh at this, you will not laugh any person trying to buy a house or get a job, to be arrested by mistake. It is true that the other party completely disagrees, arguing that even a temporary ban can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the fight against crime and its prevention, but so far has had to deal with it somehow. And what is your opinion on this? Be sure to let me know.

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