Education is one of the essential factors that beautify society and even take it to lofty heights. This belief takes us into the survey of African education and the statistics recorded about the education systems of various African countries. Our target – countries with the best education systems in Africa 2018. In reality, it could be difficult to evaluate the best African countries in terms of education but with the help of certain criteriawe can still rate African countries and figure out the ones which maintain the best education systems. This article presents the Top 10 Countries with the Best Education Systems in Africa 2018. Meanwhile, this ranking is clearly based on the African countries with the highest literacy rates. Broadly speaking, the literacy rate is a tool that may be used in evaluating various countries’ academic standards based on the population of educated people. Educated people are those who can read and write and if a country is dominated by many literates, such a country should have a high literacy rate. Finallybelow is the list of Top 10 Countries with the Best Education Systems in Africa (2018). 

1. Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is regarded as the African country with the best education system in Africa 2017. This ranking is majorly due to its massive literacy rate of 90.70% –the highest in Africa. With this result, it is believed that the Zimbabwean population is largely dominated by those who can read and write. In Zimbabwe, English is the official language as well as the primary language. Meanwhile, this gives Zimbabweans the privilege to achieve the boasts of Africa’s best academic institution. Over and above that, South Africa is associated with the literacy rate of 86.40% and this proves that a high number of South Africans are literates.

2. Equatorial Guinea

It is quite surprising to find Equatorial Guinea in this spectacular position. Equatorial Guinea set up its major tertiary academic
institution in 1995 and this is regarded as an inconsiderable period for the country to attain a significant system of education.
Nevertheless, Equatorial Guinea maintains the second spot among the most educated African countries due to its impressive literacy
rate of 87.00% as well as its significant focus on the education sector. In Equatorial Guinea, every child is entitled to free primary
education and this is one of the reasons for the country’s high rate of literacy.

3. South Africa

Across the world, South Africa is prominent as one of the most influential African countries in terms of economy and military. South
Africa is a mixture of Afrikaans-speaking Whites (regarded as Afrikaners) and the blacks. Due to this coexistence, the country receives
immense contributions in every aspect of national development. Just behind Nigeria, South Africa claims the second spot among the
largest African economies.
There are a significant number of public and private academic institutions which offer tertiary education to South Africans. Meanwhile,
this gives South Africa some desirable and impressive academic standards.
South Africa deserves a significant position on this list of countries with the best education systems in Africa, due to the fact that it
boasts of Africa’s best academic institution. Over and above that, South Africa is associated with the literacy rate of 86.40% and this
proves that a high number of South Africans are literates.

4. Kenya

In Kenya, 8 years is the duration specified for primary education. Although education is not a mandatory thing for Kenyans, the government of Kenya makes provisions for the people to achieve the 8-year period of primary education. Kenya became an independent territory in 1963. As the aftermath of this, the country had to experience political crisis and great reforms. Nevertheless, Kenya has managed to keep an impressive education system and this gives the country the high literacy rate of 85.10%. In the entirety of Kenya, there are more than 30 tertiary institutions. Impressively this has attracted foreigners to Kenya in pursuit of tertiary academic standards.

5. Namibia

Namibia is one of the African countries which pay serious attention to education. In Namibia, it is mandatory for every citizen between the age limit of 6-16 to receive an education. For this academic period of 10 years (from age 6 to age 16), the Namibian constitution charges the government with the responsibility of providing academic funds. Meanwhile, the Namibian government is only responsible for the payment of children’s academic fees. On the other hand, parents cater for their children’s academic needs such as accommodation fees, school uniforms, and other related expenses. Namibia doesn’t have a significant number of tertiary academic institutions but the country obviously boasts of many schools –more than 1,500 schools. Likewise in Namibia, there is a literacy rate of 85.00%.

6. Sao Tome and Principe

Sao Tome and Principe have a literacy rate very similar to that of Lesotho but the two countries’ education systems differ in certain circumstances. Sao Tome and Principe is one of the African countries that attained independence from Portugal. Despite this independence (gained in 1975), the country is associated with academic instability. Sao Tome and Principe is associated with improper academic standards ranging from shortage of classrooms to poor academic finance and strategy. This is really a bad impression. Nevertheless, Sao Tome and Principe merit the sixth position among Africa’s best education systems due to the high literacy rate of 84.90%.

7. Lesotho

In 2010, Lesotho initiated the policy of free primary education and this significant advancement has triggered many citizens to pursue their academic standards. Over and above that, the government of Lesotho makes primary education a mandatory thing for every citizen to pursue. Through the new reforms introduced into the education system of Lesotho, the country has proven its determination towards lofty academic standards. Therefore, Lesotho has the literacy rate of 84.80% but despite the serious academic reforms in place, there are just three tertiary academic institutions and they are the University’s International School, the National University of Lesotho and the Lesotho Agricultural College.

8. Mauritius

From the moment it attained independence, Mauritius has progressively adopted the British education system. As a matter of fact, Mauritius is a riverine territory that attracts tourist activities. Besides that, the country is devoid of social crisis and political unrest. Meanwhile, Mauritius merits a place on this list as a result of its literacy rate estimated around 84.40%.

9. Congo

Congo sits in the ninth position with the high literacy rate of 83.80% and this makes it one of the most educated African countries. For many years, Congo has experienced serious constitutional crises and these have imposed severe setbacks on the country’s education system. Despite the fact that Congo is one of Africa’s most educated countries, there isn’t a significant number of tertiary academic institutions in the country.

10. Libya

The Libyan government offers free primary education to the citizens and makes it a mandatory thing for them. In recent moments, Libya experienced a civil war but the country has been striving hard to keep things in order. Besides being one of the most educated African countries, Libya’s vast deposit of oil makes it one of the wealthiest African countries. AlsoLibya maintains a literacy rate of 82.60% and this is undoubtedly the reason why it merits the tenth position among the African countries with the best education systems

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