Madagascar’s 12th men sent packing!!!

Madagascar’s 12th men sent packing!!!

Blundering Botswana referee Joshua Bondo

Botswana referee Joshua Bondo has been sent back home after his controversial officiating of the game between Zim and Mdagascar. The warriors could have clearly won this game but because the wind man was playing 12th man the Zim team was denied their well deserved victory. ZIFA converyed utmost dismay over such officiating and lodged an official complaint with COSAFA and even indicated they will play today’s game under protest.

Bondo grabed the lime light when he waved off two clear penalties within 5minutes of game time when the match was nearing the end. Condemnation has been received from all mover the region. Although COSAFA were yet to issue an official statement on the fate of the referee, close sources can reveal that the wind man has been shown the red card.  COSAFA have always shown  zero tolerance on bad officiating and have been trying to convey this message in the region. Bad officiating kills the spirit of the game! This could be the reason why our crop of refrees never get to big stages, its because they like playing instead of officiating the game!

However the wind man has ironically handled matches at a bigger stage in the Afcon 2017 which leaves everyone wondering why he would make such a mess in just 5minutes, perhaps he thought he could get away with it but alas, welcome to the COSAFA region!


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