Whistle blows the Warroirs off track ?

Whistle blows the Warroirs off track ?

Could the wind coming from the refree’s whistle been that bad? It’s arguable that the match commissioner didn’t count the players because Madagascar played a 12th man. Well indeed the refree denied two clear penalties for the warriors when Raphael Manuvire and Ovidy Karuru were clearly brought down in the box and ZIFA have made their position clear that this was just unacceptable and as an Association will protest against such questionable officiating. It’s been a normal phenomenon seeing refrees deciding results of matches and somehow its killing the spirit of the game but discounting this insident the warriors wasted clear chances which could have seen them win, just like they did when they played mozambique. Ofcause they won 4-0 but it would have been double and its the same problem that haunted them yesterday. The Warriors boost of a very strongly assembled team and this has been proved by how they have been able to hold on to the ball during play but they just haven’t been lucky infront of goal. Now they have to make it a point to win the seychelles game by a considerable margin incase Madagascar stings again. Zimbabwe has been tipped to win this tournament this time around!!


Zimbabwe: Chigova, Mushure, Chipeta, Mukombwe, Tigere, Chawapiwa, Takwara, Mavunga, Karuru, Majarira, Chakoroma

Madagascar: Leda, Johny, Tantely, Andoniaina, Ando, Nono, Dax, Rinjala, Lolode, Boura, Tobisoa

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