Zim boxer gets an International title fight at home!

Zim boxer gets an International title fight at home!

Zim boxing are slowly picking themselves up as they manage to organise an international title fight for Tinashe Madziwane under a Zimbabwean stable. We for sure know that this was inspired by the renowed Charles Manyuchi who has flied the country’s flag high even though he is also riding on a Zambian flag. Manyuchi can not be entirely claimed a Zimbabwean success because he was brewed and is based in Zambia and there has always been a question as ┬áto which country Manyuchi represents exactly. However this will soon come to an end as Zim promoters have now taken it upon themselves to brew their own boxers and not only be there to celebrate the success of other promoters. Delta Force boxing academy director Mr clyde Musonda made the announcement and emphasised on the importance of brewing our own champions localy and not wait to hang our flag on the success of other stables.

Madziwane will face Hashimu zuberi of Tanzania for the vacant world boxing organisation(WBO), world boxing confederation(WBC) and African union boxing(AUB) belts on the 14th of Aug at the City sports centre. Madziwane is a three time Zimbabwe bantam weight champion and he belives his journey on the international arena has just began. He draws much of his inspiration from the stinger Manyuchi who lost his title in a questionable fashion that still raises more questions than answers. Madziwane has been touring the continet for ring time and he belives he is in great shape to face whatever has to come.

Delta Force boxing academy(DFBA) indicated that working closely with other boxing promoters from other countries to host tournaments in Zim is good for a start to revive the game. Zim boxing was once great and we have had a number of champion boxers like mosquito, Langton ‘schoolboy’ tinago and Kilimanjaro who caused havoc the in the boxing world with their incredible skills. DFBA is going to be working with their partners from malawi No pain no gain promotions to make sure this event is a success. This is a welcome development for the sport and we hope the fire will continue to burn. There will be severall other international matches lined up on the fight card to curtain raise for the Madziwane fight. We wish him luck!

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