Zimbabwe Taekwondo in Korea for world Taekwondo championships

Zimbabwe Taekwondo in Korea for world Taekwondo championships

The Zimbabwean contingent of 3 has touched down in  Muju for the world Taekwondo championships being hosted by the World Taekwondo Federation in  Korea. The contingent consists of two officials  Mr Ben zwizwai who is the head of delegation and president of the Zimbabwe Taekwondo association. The coach Langton chokwenda and the athlete Admire thsitshiliza. Initial plans were to send 6 players but due to financial constrains 5 players and the national team coach Sir Kembo could not make it. Only one player will carry the hopes of the whole nation this time around.

Taekwondo has had difficulties getting sponsorship and the ministry itself hasn’t shown much interest in minority sports even though TKD is a very popular sport on a global scale. This is something that has been happening for a while now, in 2011 they sent 2 athletes to gyongju korea and some of the funding came from the korean community in Zim, in 2015 they sent 2 athletes to the same competition in Russia and admire was also among those who were scraped due to financial constrains. Zimbabwe taekwondo is very competetive and a power house and our very own Defence forces use this art in their operations and this alone should be enough merit for them to get the financial support they require to keep TKD in Zim alive.

Zim TKD have made their name known in the All Africa tournaments where they always bring back home medals everytime. The competition kick starts tomorrow 9am at T1 arena stadium where our own athlete is actually set to battle it out in the fin weight category with other players from around the world. ‘We have not managed to get medals at this level but this year the chances are very high with the new rules and regulations in place we will surely bring 1 home’, said the coach Langton chokwenda .

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